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Есть подозрение что Discovery пытается пробить очередное дно. Вспомним Deep Space Nine:

Robert Hewitt Wolfe decided to give the Terran Empire some formidable enemies. “Empires aren’t usually brutal unless there’s a reason. There are usually external or internal pressures that cause them to be that way,” he commented. “So I just thought that if the parallel Earth was that brutal, there had to be a reason. And the reason was that the barbarians (the Klingons and the Cardassians) were at the gate.” (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)

Wolfe based the Terran Empire’s predicament on historical precedents. He further elaborated, “My analogy was to the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was as brutal and as nasty as it was because all around it, it had very aggressive barbarians that it was afraid of. The Chinese had the same thing, the Mongols were always there. So if you suddenly make the Romans nice guys, or the Chinese nice guys, well that’s great and everything, but then the Mongols come across and it’s all over. So that was kind of the idea.”

Кажется всю мотивацию им решили прибить, сделав клингонов всегд лишь “повстанцами”, а также приписать империи излишний уровень ксенофобии. Конечно TE далеко не страна равных возможностей, но и в Энте, и в ТОС, и в ТНГ мы видели на имперских кораблях инопланетян с весьма значимыми рангами. В общем я обвиняю авторов в трампофобии попытке впихнуть модную политическую повестку в ущерб логике повествования и логике вселенной Трека. Впрочем, это описывает и предыдущие косяки Discovery.

Long Live Emperor Spock! Long Live the Empire!

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